The ninth house of Indian astrology is the father of houses

Published: 21st November 2008
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Ninth House

In Indian astrology, Nava (ninth); Acharva (guru or preceptor); Pithru (father); Subham (auspicious); Poorva bhagyam (Previous luck); Pooja(worship): Tapas (Penance); Dharma (Virtue) ; Pauthra (grndson); Japa(prayer) ; Daiva Upasana (spiritual intation); Arya vamsa (noble family), Bhagya fortune).This is the house of faith, wisdom and divine worship. It is considered to be an auspicious house as it shows one's fortune in the present lire as a result of past actions. Luck being closely linked to merit, every one will reap only the fruits or the acts dome in the previous birth. So a look at the ninth house would enable one to know what 'bhagya' (fortune and prosperity) one has accumulated as result of the meritorious deeds done in the previous birth.

Since the 9th house of Indian astrology rules philosophy, religious and philosophical beliers, if Jupiter, the philosophical planet, is in 9, well expected, the philosophical planet, is in 9, well expected, the native may be religious, devoted, orthodox, and kind hearted. Even Saturn in this position receiving favorable aspects makes one deeply religious, methodical and meditative. Jupiter even Saturn in this position receiving favorable aspects makes one deeply religious, methodical and meditative Jupiter or Saturn receiving good aspect from Sun or Mercury gives one intuition and forethought. He will be much esteemed in religious circles and will occupy coveted positions in religious and philanthropic institutions. But if these planets are adversely expected, one is liable to extremes in religious and other matters,

All affairs are concerning temples, churches, mosques, and all religious institutions including those devoted to promoting the people's spiritual welfare, are to be ascertained from this house. Hindus have attributed to the 9th house pilgrimage to holy places, wells, circular reservoirs, sacrifices and charity.The third house is the house of intuition and pure reason. If the third house is concerned with ordinary mental inclinations, the ninth house is with higher knowledge and higher collegiate, academic, philosophical, religious, literary, artistic or scientific- is to deduced from this house. The ninth house presides over research, invention, discovery, exploration, and submission of thesis.

Hindus attribute the 9th house of Indian astrology to father because the ninth sign of the zodiac Dhanus (sagittarius) is ruled by 'Guru' the preceptor and spiritual teacher. In ancient times, the father was invariably the spiritual preceptor or guru of the children to whom he did initiate Brahma Upadesam and transmit his siddhis or psychic powers. Counting the 9t house as the 1st, we find that the fifth there from indicates the native. Some persons advocate the fourth house and the tenth house for father. It is incorrect. Always take the 9th house for father.To this house is ascribed law, legal arbitration spiritual initiation, teaching and everything connected to it, probably because the 9th sign of the zodiac is owned by the wise Jupiter Hindus term the 9th as the house of dharma or virtue and of an occult and metaphysical mind.

Dreams and visions come under the purview of this house; also communications with spirits and the like. Neptune, the planets of dreams in the 9th, denotes peculiar dreams.The 3rd and the 9th, indicate change or journey away from the permanent residence. The mind is related to long journey, sea voyage, air travel, etc. It determines the amount of travel in far-off places or countries and the success achieved there. Strangers and foreigners and also their relations come under the influence of this house. The ninth house governs publishing, volumes of intrinsic value especially those relating to religion, science, law, philosophy, travel, international to religion, science, law, philosophy, travel, international affairs, etc, in contra- distinction to the third house which relates to lighter reading, news and matters of ephemeral nature. One ought to seek information regarding one's success in such matters by an examination of the ninth house.

Association with good people, reverence and devotion to God and elders, the medicine most constitutionally suited, previous berth and punya and the blessings received fro the family deity ate to be divined from this house. 'Providential Help is due to the ninth lord is favorably placed. In satya samhita the author says that the rest house and favor from others are to be investigated from the ninth house.In state Astrology the ninth house relates to all forms of long distance travel and communications such as sea voyage and all kinds of shipping long distance air and land travel; also legal departments judges, matters relating to religion, temples, etc., religious and philosophical thought in the nation science, and text-book publishing universities and those connected with them, emigration and immigration, import-wave radio and long distance communications cables and wireless.One is to judge the following matters from the 9thhouse, says kalidasa:-

Charity: virtue; visits to holy places; association with good people; Vedic sacrifice 1 good conduct; purity mind; reverence to elders; penance; medicinal drug; one's policy ;God worship; acquisition of hither learning ; dignity, mythology moral study; long travel; ancestral property; horses; elephant ; and buffaloes (connected with religious purposes); coronation hall and circulation of money.According to Bhattotpala in prasanagnana, wells, lakes. Tanks, water-sheds, temples, monetary vows, pilgrimage and meritorious deeds are to be judged with reference to the ninth house.The ninth house of indian astrology governs short travels of the wife or husband or the business partner being the third reckoned from the 7th house; the servant's vehicle and landed property being the 4th being the 5th to the 5th house; mother's illness, her servants etc., being the 6th to the 4th house; younger brother's wife or the younger sister's husband or his or her competitors, rivals, etc, being the 7th counted from the 3rd house. It is the house of friends to the elder brother and indicates the elder brother's accomplishments being the 9th to the 10 house

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