The fourth house is the expensive house of Indian astrology

Published: 23rd November 2008
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Fourth house

Graha (house); Vesma (home); Kshiti (land); Bandhu (felation); Matri (mother) ; Vehicle) ; Sukha (happoness); Ambu (water) ; Vidya (learning).

The fourth house of Indian astrology corresponds to the feminine sign cancer (kataka) ruled by Moon have therefore attributer the fourth house to the mother. Westerners however consider the fourth house for father which is not supported by the wise Hindu astrologer. The fourth house related to one's home residence, domestic environments and general condition of the native in the later part of his life. This house is also called the 'grave', meaning thereby that it is concerned with all hidden things such as private affairs, curious secrets and secret life. One may hoard one's saving good aspects from the lords of 2 and 11.The fourth also shows one's lease or rent as also those rented or leased out possessions such as fields, pastures, corn-fields, farms, orchards, mines, real estate, estate, gardens, ancient dwellings, monument and antiquities are influenced by this house.

The fourth house of Indian astrology is also to be examined in connection with patrimony (all inheritance descending by a right line, hereditary properties and treasured hidden under the ground. The house has a bearing on education and qualifications of a person. In this respect the fourth house may be taken to indicate school and collegiate education in contra- distinction to higher education and research denoted by the ninth house. The third house relates to mental inclination to study a particular subject. The fourth house bears significance to the termination conclusion and end of every undertaking whether in the nativity or in horary Indian astrology.

IN State Astrology, the fourth house holds sway over mines gardens, public buildings, crops, and determines the termination of any undertaking. Kalidasa says in Uttara kalamaritam that the following are to be guessed from the fourth bhava. Learning, vehicles similar to rickshaws, small boats and the like, mother , oil bath, relations, caste small well, water, milk, a medicine or great supernatural efficacy (sun in 4 well, expected by Uranus), trust, false allegation a tent or pavilion, digging of a pond or well and their installation for public use, mansion, art, entrance into a house, conclusion, disposition loss of one's dwelling, paternal property, celestial food, the art of finding out where stolen property is kept, development of Vedic and secret tests, cow, buffalo and abundance of corn, gain, etc., produced in wet lands. Bhattotpala is or the view that fourth house has to do with great herds, treasures and entering holes or caves.

If the fourth house and Mars are favorable during their conjoined periods one will buy lands. If they ate unfavorable, he may sell away or there can be loss through the investment on land, buildings etc. If the 4th house and Venus are beneficial one will possess a car or any other vehicle when he runs the conjoined period of the signification of the4th house and Venus or any planet connected with Venus. If there is an evil aspect, then in their conjoined period one can incur heavy expenses due to the vehicle or meet with an accident or sell away the conveyance and suffer for the usual transport, he enjoyed. 4th house of indian astrology indicates the bank position of the younger brother the health of mother, the loss to children (children may go to popularity, prosperity and profession of the partner, danger to father as it is the 8th house to the 9th, the open enemies of the elder brother, since4th house is the 6th counted from the 11th house. 12th house indicates secret enemies. Their speculative activities, their children etc., are also shown by the 4th house.

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