The first house of Vedic astrology gives the high prediction

Published: 18th November 2008
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Lagnam: Adya (first); Kalpa. udhayam (ascending); Janma (birth); seersea (head): Dhanus (physical body);Anga (limb); deham (physical features); Varthamana (living or livelihood).

The first house of Vedic astrology or what is commonly known as the ascendant (Lagna) signifies the native, his general appearance, character and temperament. It shows his physical stature, co lour, form and shape and constitution in general. The ascendant is always an important factor in the matter lf the planets throwing the bad aspect. It also indicates the native's vitality and vigor, his peculiar habit of thinking, his natural disposition and tendencies, the native's personality and struggle for life, his fortune or misfortune, etc. One should examine the 1st, 3rd and 8th houses to ascertain the probable span of one's life also describes the nation in life general can dour (Status), honors, dignity and general well-being. One should guess prom the first house of Vedic astrology whether one has the determination and courage to Hindu sages, shows the natives' residence abroad. Therefore one should examine this house before one predict whether the native will live in his own place or will make fortune is a far-off place. In short, this house this is the significator of any changes in the individual's life. Hence this is of supreme importance. All depend upon the occupant and aspects to Asc. The 1st house governs head and the upper part of the face.In Mundane Ascendant of a country or general state of the locality or the State for which the horoscope id cast.In Horary Astrology, the first house may be said to symbolize the person asking the question.

Bhattothpala says in 'Prasnajnana' that longevity, age, birth, health, happiness, virtues, suffering, one's for and complexion are to be investigated from the first house.Limbs (growth of the limbs), happiness, misery, hair, appropriating other's money (if Saturn and Mercury are in Ascendant afflicted by Jupiter the individual will not misappropriate) gambling on other's money or for other skin, sleep (whether the native will be active or sleepy). If Saturn is in lagna especially with malefic Kethu or Rahu, than the native will be lazy; (the wife will have abortive tendencies); if Mars and Mercury are there then he will be ever active. Kalidasa adds that tendency to insult other men, freedom from disease, perseverance in the breeding of cattle (lord of 6 in the lagna or connected with the lord of lagna), loss of decorum and blame from one's castemen are all to be predicted from the first house.

Lagna indicates the advantages gains and profit to younger brother and hid friends.The name, fame, reputation and the patrimony of mother are attributed to the lagna higher studies, long journey, life in a hostel during the study, connection with strangers and foreigners for the native's children (especially the first child) is judged from the Ascendant. Danger of maternal uncle, end of open inimical activity is to be read from the first house of Vedic astrology. Demise of partner, wife or husband and the pleasurable pursuits and speculation of father is also included.

Short journeys, editing, publishing, neighbors to elder brother are preshadowed by Lagna.Thus each house signifies certain matters concerning matters concerning the individual and the same house indicates various matters relating to the relatives of the native. A house of vedic astrology may be fortunate to the native and at the same time it may be unlucky to a relative. The native may keep good health but visit hospital to attend on an ailing relative and be worried because of the relative.

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